iPlane 2 - Flight Info + Status + Radar Tracker App Reviews

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IPlane Pro

The complete flight plans of Spain are not working either since 03.12.2012. Please urgently check this matter!

Tuck the system

Doesnt work without reason to weeks and never you cant be 100% sure,that its true what they wrote. This app must cost 0,89€ but it must be finished. 21th century!

Huge Disappointment

I have an iTouch (4.1) 16GB ... I thought this App would be great. It keeps crashing every few seconds.

Hit and Miss

Fairly expensive application that doesnt always have flight information at all times.


Toronto Pearson Intl airport does not load at all. This is probably the busiest airport in Canada. Please fix your application ASAP.

Works for Montreal YUL

Great app. I was wondering if you could make an option to separate domestic flights from US and international flights. That would be so great. Thanks a lot.


Many airports in Canadá do not work. Calgary and Toronto included. Quite a few others in different countries, the same. A real rip off...

Awesome app

The schedules are in sync with the airport no issues txs


Such a time-waste. Rarely finds the flight; crashes often when you try to even enter a flight number. Three strikes: delete. Apple: take this off you store—it is trump-style useless.

We need russian airports..

We need russian airports, really..


It serves no purpose other than showing a picture of airports. cannot view multiple flights. Total waste of money.


Absolutely worthless, do not spend the money

:-). That is good


Good app

This is a good app. It provides arrival and departure information for all major airports. Note: you have to select the arrival/departure bar, NOT the blue right arrow to display the list (It would be better if the developer widens this selection box.) I would like to see this expanded to include additional airports. But this is very helpful for the major ones. Thanks for the app.


I need my money back, this program is the absolute worst....!

What happened to China?

It would be best if China was included!


This program wont even stay open!

Iplane worldwide flight info - all in one edition

The App continually crashes, not worth the time and money paid.

Pls fix!

The new update does not work… always hang plus the background is black - cant see any black text against black background!

Useless app

Getting flight information is incredibly difficult and almost impossible. No obvious interface where you can simply enter flight number to search for status. Instead you have to locate airport on a map first and then go through endless menus. Waste of time - dont buy.

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